(Middle & High School)

Have teens? No worries, we've got you covered. ECNaz offers programs for students who are in 6th through 12th grade. Life is better when we let God lead and teenagers have the potential to lead a great life with purpose. Kids in middle school and high school need a place where they can feel confident to be themselves. ECON Students provides opportunities where youth can discover spiritual truth and experience their faith in fun and welcoming environments.


SUNDAYS @ 930am

ECON Students hang out in a small group each Sunday morning, 9:30-10:15am. This environment provides the opportunity for youth to offer their input on a wide variety of topics--comical to serious--then transition to a Biblically related conversation. There's no judgement, just an opportunity to open up to who they are and discover how God's Word remains true no matter our age or situation.

At 10:30am, ECON Students participate in Morning Worship Service.


August 24th through November 16th, ECON Students hosts Tech Team training. Anyone interested in learning how run video, sound and digital media is invited to participate. Training and some time for hanging out takes place each Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm. Between 6:00 and 6:30pm, dinner will be provided on campus. All students and their parents or caregivers are invited. Contact Pastor Jake for additional details.




Every month or two, ECON Students get together just to hang out and have fun. There may be games or an excursion but there's always food! Regularly check out the events page to see when new activities are planned.


Serving God and serving others is an important part of who we are. At ECNaz, opportunities are provided for everyone, including teens, to serve in the community and on campus.


While life for teens can be difficult and intimidating, it can also be exciting and fun. ECON Students provides an environment where all participants are expected to be respectful, responsible and safe so youth can be who they are.


Student Ministry Volunteers at ECNaz strive to create a healthy and positive atmosphere to provide spiritual growth. Every volunteer is screened with a background check and adheres to NazSafe guidelines to exhibit and teach Godly behavior and positively reinforce rules of conduct.



If you're between 6th and 12th grades and

looking for a place to fit in, learn knew things

and have fun, contact us to find out more

about the Student group at ECNaz.


We'd love to hear from you and

answer any questions you have.

Pastor Jake Hill leads activities for middle and high school students. If you have any questions about the Student Group at ECNaz, he's here to chat with you. Just click the Plan A Visit button to connect with him.

Sundays  |  9:30AM

Students hang out in a relaxed environment to discover how God's Word relates to them in today's world.


Tech Training

During the fall, youth learn how to operate of variety of audio and visual equipment. With so many digital options these days, students will gain hands-on training and basic to advanced skills.